The Importance of Insuring Your Home

Protecting your house and your assets is one of the most important things you will do after buying a new home. Bergen County homeowners insurance will cover everything from the structure itself, to any other buildings on the property, as well as your personal possessions. Knowledgeable insurance professionals will review everything you will need to know in order to select the right policy for your home. The staff will help you to determine how much personal liability you will need to protect you in the event an accident occurs in your home or on your property and you are sued. A good policy will also provide the funds for a hotel in case of a fire or other catastrophe that prevents you from staying in your home for a time.

When you speak with a Bergen County homeowners insurance professional, he or she will evaluate your home to see if you may need additional protection. Home features such as a swimming pool or hot tub, or valuables such as antiques and collectibles, may require added coverage. For extra piece of mind, a standard policy can be bolstered by useful add-ons that include Broadened Theft Protection Coverage, Extended Replacement Cost Coverage, Expanded Credit Card Theft, Forgery Coverage and Inflation Guard Coverage.