The Ins and Outs of Bar and Tavern Insurance

Running a business always comes with a certain amount of risk and bars and taverns are definitely no exception.  Many things can go wrong, from accidents in the kitchen to customer slips and falls.  Luckily a good bar and tavern insurance policy can go a long way towards protecting your business.

What is Protected By Bar and Tavern Insurance?

When you are running a bar or tavern, there are many things that can go wrong.  Over-served patrons can get behind the wheel and present a liquor liability.  Assault and battery claims can be an issue when it comes to fights between patrons or fights between patrons and security.  Running a bar or tavern comes along with unique risks and bar and tavern insurance is customized specially for these risks.

How Much Does Bar and Tavern Insurance Generally Cost?

Every bar or tavern is different and there is a lot to take into account such as:

  • What type of bar or tavern you own
  • Your bar or tavern’s location
  • How long your business has been open
  • Your sales and revenue
  • Whether or not you host live entertainment

With that being said, policies generally cost around 3-5 thousand per year.

Being the owner of a bar or tavern can be a risky business.  Make sure your company is protected and invest in a good bar and tavern insurance policy today!