The Process of Filing Workers’ Comp Claims

Every machine wholesalers insurance package should contain a worker’s compensation policy. If employees are injured on the job, it can keep both employees and employers from having to take on the costs of the medical treatment and lost wages that result from that injury. In order for employees to receive the compensation they need, however, claims must be filed efficiently and correctly. Here is an overview of the filing process.

The first thing injured employees need to do is report the injury to their employer. Different states have different deadlines for doing so, but the longer someone waits to report a work-related issue, the less likely the insurance company is to believe the claim is true. It is helpful to get medical care as soon as possible as well, as a doctor’s verification can corroborate the employee’s story.

After the injury is reported, the employer supplies the worker with the necessary forms to fill out. The employee then submits forms both to the insurance company and the workers’ compensation agency in their state. From there, the claim will be processed and a decision can be made. The insurance company conducts an investigation, and if the claim is approved, the employee may be able to receive benefits within a few weeks.