Three Benefits of Occupational Accident Insurance

In an industry defined by short-termed contracts, the gig economy can fall flat when it comes to worker’s compensation insurance. Since most employees are considered to be independent contractors, state administered programs often overlook these workers, and companies don’t consider them direct employees. To ensure staff aren’t left at a disadvantage, US insurance providers offer Occupational Accident insurance to fill in the gaps.

Contracting Concerns

Since many entertainment venues utilize contractors as their event employees, Occupational Accident Insurance has become standard policy. From employees hired from staffing firms to delivery truck drivers, workers are covered in case of any accidental injury, and the policyholder is secured financially from workplace accidents as well.

Covering the Basics

Occupational Accident Insurance can take care of a variety of traditional workers compensation claims. Coverage of medical expenses and remuneration for temporary and permanent disability are covered. In the case of more unfortunate circumstances, coverage for accidental death and survivor recompense are also available options.

Convenient Flexibility

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect provided by US insurance brokers is the flexible nature of Occupational Accident Insurance. Though more complex than traditional workers comp policies, these plans can be specifically tailored to an employer’s needs. In addition, they typically have lower costs and allow coverage limits to be set on an employee-specific basis, allowing you to make the most of your insurance premiums.