Three Important Reasons Why General Practitioners Should Acquire Disability Insurance

General practitioners are medical doctors who treat men and women of any age. Although they may not specialize in any specific area, they still work very hard to acquire the knowledge and skills that are required to treat their patients. Becoming a doctor is an arduous process, and it can cost around $156,000 to finish a medical degree. This type of investment needs to be protected so it does not become a chain around one’s neck, financially speaking. General practitioner disability insurance can help protect doctors financially. There are three reasons why every doctor should consider this type of insurance.

Likelihood of disability

It is quite likely that a working adult will become disabled. One out of seven individuals between the ages of 35 and 65 will acquire some type of disability.

Total debt

Medical doctors acquire so much debt as they train for their professions that it is absolutely necessary for them to make a lot of money to come out ahead. If they were to become disabled later in life it could cause some serious financial hardship.

Taking care of personal needs

General practitioners spend their careers taking care of others. It is only right that their needs are taken care of as well. Acquiring general practitioner disability insurance can ensure that a dedicated doctor’s financial needs will be met no matter what.