Three Insurance Coverages For Your Trucking Business

The trucking business comes with a lot of risks. As a new owner, you don’t want to leave your business unnecessarily exposed to these risks. With commercial truck cargo insurance and various other liability coverages, you can keep your business financially secure. Here are three examples of coverages you should include in your new insurance policy.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is required for all interstate trucking businesses. If you’re found at fault in an accident during a delivery, your policy will make payments towards any fees such as medical bills or repairing property damage.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Non-trucking liability insurance is not required, but it does provide essential coverage. It protects your truck in case you get into an accident while not on business. Examples of non-business activities include driving your truck home or taking it to be washed.

Cargo Insurance

Commercial truck cargo insurance keeps you protected in case the goods you’re carrying are damaged or lost in transit. Cargo insurance is usually purchased on a scheduled truck basis, but it can also be provided as a blanket coverage based on your gross revenues.

There are other coverages available to help protect your new trucking business. Work with an experienced agent to get the right amount of coverage you’ll need to carry year-round and for each haul.