Three Steps to Great Insurance for Dance Schools

A beautiful dance routine is composed of many parts, such as the individual choreographies of each dancer, the individuality of the costumes and the synchronization of the music. Much like putting together a dance performance or assembling a new class of dancers, running a successful dance school involves bringing several different elements together in a professional manner. Protect your business with dance school insurance that operates with as much nuance and consideration as you put into your work.

Understand Your Company

Evaluate your dance school and the types of insurance that would benefit your work. For example, a ballet school for young teens may require business auto coverage for transportation to different dance meets, while a yoga studio might need property coverage for students using lockers for their possessions during class.

Listen to Your Staff

Whether you have a few employees or a large team of staff members, remember to include them in your insurance coverage. A good workers’ compensation policy and liability insurance will not only attract qualified staff, but it can help retain them. Consider the needs of your team, then speak with an experienced insurance agent about coverage options.

Set Your Foundation

Once you have a solid view of your company and its unique elements, prepare for a meeting with an agent. A good dance school insurance plan can include general and professional liability coverage as well as property and business interruption insurance.