Two Benefits of Uninsured Motorists Coverage

Since Pennsylvania law requires motorists to carry various types of insurance, many state residents may see uninsured motorist coverage as unnecessary. Realistically, though, it is not uncommon for drivers to disregard laws, including insurance laws. In the event that an accident with one of these drivers occurs, uninsured motorists coverage offers various benefits that make it worth adding to any policy for auto insurance in Bucks County.


Better Coverage Than Health Insurance


Many people believe that, if they experience accidents with uninsured drivers, their own health insurance will address the cost of any injuries. However, health insurance does not provide compensation for lost income or pain and suffering, whereas uninsured motorist coverage usually does. This can make a huge difference when injuries are debilitating enough to cause severe emotional distress or require prolonged recovery periods.


No Need For Lawsuits


People who lack uninsured motorist coverage can only obtain compensation by directly suing the at-fault motorist. Unfortunately, drivers who lack car insurance may not have significant financial assets. Even if they do, hiring an attorney and going to court can place a financial and emotional burden on a recently injured individual. With uninsured motorists coverage, policyholders still must go through the claims process. Still, for most people, this is less of an ordeal than filing a civil lawsuit.


Less Tangible Benefits


Uninsured motorists coverage can also offer less easily quantified benefits. Drivers who add uninsured motorist coverage to their auto insurance in Bucks County enjoy peace of mind and certainty in uncontrollable circumstances. All of these factors make uninsured motorist coverage a smart insurance policy addition for virtually any driver.