Types of Care Providers Insurance Programs

Social services give our communities a lot, but who is caring for the caregivers? Without the proper insurance, many beneficial nonprofit organizations can find themselves in deep trouble. Here are some Care Providers Insurance Programs that are absolutely essential.


Property Damage


First of all, insurance should help protect organizations against physical damage to their assets. Fire and natural disaster insurance are an absolute must. It’s also important to have insurance against crime, theft, and vandalism, because even charitable organizations can be a target. If the nonprofit owns vehicles, then auto insurance is required by law, and specialized coverage can be tailored for other valuable assets like medical equipment.




It’s also critical for these groups to have liability insurance. Even if management makes an honest mistake, then employees, volunteers, or the people served by the organization can still bring lawsuits. It’s also important to help protect the group from the wrongful actions of their own workers; abuse and molestation coverage is usually a good idea.


Broad Coverage


Other forms of insurance that might be necessary include errors and omissions, replacement costs, and volunteer accidents. Worker’s compensation is essential if the social service has paid employees. Specialized coverage for unique circumstances can also be a good idea.


Most nonprofits will need several or all of these types of insurance. No matter what kind of organization they are, social service groups should have Care Providers Insurance Programs.