Types Home Health Care for Workers Compensation

Home health care professionals provide medical services in a patient’s home. Such patients are relatively able-bodied but need certain routine procedures in order to maintain their health. Types of services include wound care, injections, and intravenous care. Professionals who deliver these services generally have access to home health care workers comp if they are injured in a patient’s home.

Wound care

Sometimes a patient may suffer a wound that needs periodic redressing. Medical professionals who offer this care work with patients hands-on in order to dispose of the used gauze, re-clean the area, and apply fresh gauze. Because of the nature of this type of injury, the patient’s infected area may come into contact with any exposed area of the medical professional, such as a cut or scrape.


Medical professionals also provide injections for patients who receive home health care. These injections are often routine in order to treat on-going diseases. Needles are highly infectious when they come into contact with exposed skin. A medical professional may accidentally prick him- or herself after providing the injection. If the healthcare worker becomes infected with something serious, home health care workers comp may be necessary.

Intravenous Care

IVs are similar to needles, in that the medical professional must insert them intravenously through the skin. These have an even higher likelihood of causing injury to the medical professional because the needle goes directly into the vein. IVs require precision and accuracy, and accidents can occur.

No matter what the injury, home health care workers comp can help medical professionals receive appropriate care when they are injured on the job.