Types of Insurance for Your Truck

Trucking is a growing industry in Texas. This means that if you’re in the business you may want to keep yourself and your employees safe and ensure that your insurance is up to date. If you’re looking at Texas truck insurance you may have noticed there are a number of coverage options available. Here are a few of the most common.

Liability insurance is required by Texas law. This type of insurance can help cover damaged to property and bodily harm to other people if the truck driver is found at fault for an accident.

Bobtail coverage is a form of liability coverage that applies when the truck is not carrying cargo. Such as after a delivery has been made. It is also referred to as non-trucking coverage.

A trailer interchange agreement covers the transfer of a trailer from one truck to another. Most often used for semi-truck trailers, it outlines who is shopping the cargo on which leg of the drive, where the transfer occurs, and helps ensure the cargo is handled correctly among other transport aspects.

Now that you know about some of the types of Texas truck insurance available you can begin determining which options are best for your coverage needs. Remember, some insurance coverage types may be required by law. If you have questions a professional may be able to help.