Types of Insurance for Entertainment Production

Entertainment production insurance is intended to protect policyholders from costs associated with accidents that happen during business production. Whether you’re filming a short documentary or producing a large-scale concert for a Grammy award-winning artist there are a number of risks that accompany production in the entertainment industry. Because of the unpredictable nature of entertainment production, it’s important to protect yourself with as much coverage as possible.

Commercial General Liability

This coverage protects you, your employees and your company from any claims that involve property damage or bodily injury. It can also cover litigation fees that may result from damage or injury. Commercial General Liability is generally one of the most important entertainment production insurance policies you can have.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance policies cover the costs to repair or replace your business property if it’s stolen, vandalized, damaged or destroyed by a fire. This coverage is especially important because the equipment needed to produce films and videos is generally very expensive.

Media Liability Insurance

Obtaining this coverage is a great idea in the event that any defamation or copyright claims come up, which is more prevalent in the entertainment industry than many other areas of business. Depending on what you’re producing you may also want to consider the following:

Production insurance

Editing insurance

Film promotion insurance

Industrial insurance

Travel insurance

Always be sure that your biggest liabilities in any project are the ones that have the most coverage.