Types of Medicare Coverage

While considering Lincoln Medicare Advantage plans, you may be wondering how these plans work with the coverage you already have. First it is essential to understand what coverage is provided by your existing Medicare plan. Coverage from Medicare is divided into four plans: A, B, C and D. This is what you can expect in terms of coverage from each type of plan.

Medicare A

Medicare A is hospital insurance, designed to cover costs accrued during visits or stays to the hospital or emergency room. It covers most medically-necessary costs accrued during visits to the hospital or hospice, and from home care.

Medicare B

Medicare B is medical insurance. It covers costs associated with visits to regular doctors offices as well as visits to specialists who operate private practices. Costs associates with preventative care, lab work, and mental health care are covered by Medicare B.

Medicare C

Medicare C refers to Medicare Advantage plans. These plans are offered by private insurance companies and provide additional coverage that works with existing Medicare plans.

Medicare D

Medicare D is prescription drug coverage. It is only available as part of Medicare Advantage. Like Medicare C, users must have an existing Medicare A or B policy in order to apply for it.

To find out more about how Lincoln Medicare Advantage plans work with your existing Medicare, contact a provider today.