Understanding How to File a Commercial Insurance Claim

Once you have commercial insurance for your business, the next step you should take is to find out how to properly file a claim. This may seem as though you’re jumping the gun, but you can’t afford for your business to be closed a minute longer than necessary should a fire, accident or theft occur at your business.

Keep Your Insurance Agent Up-to-Date

Whenever an accident, theft or fire breaks out at your business, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible and make sure you keep them in the loop as to what’s going on with your case. With burglaries and theft, you’ll want to file a police report as well since it will more than likely be required when filing a claim.

Read Over Your Insurance Policy

Sit down and read over your commercial insurance policy from front to back to see what your specific obligations and responsibilities are as a policyholder. You don’t want to think you’re waiting for your insurance provider to take action when in reality it’s them who’s waiting on you.

Protect Your Property

During the claims process, take extra measures to further protect your business from future mishaps. For instance, make temporary repairs if you can and save any damaged parts for anything that has to be repaired as soon as possible so the claims adjustor can take a look at them.

Commercial insurance is great to have for your business, but it’s even better if you know how it works and what you’re responsible for during the claims process.


photo credit: Rand Paul with physicians (license)