Understanding Liability Insurance in Florida

Running a business can lead to many pitfalls if you aren’t prepared for the unexpected. By purchasing liability insurance in Florida, you ensure that your business is protected from third-party claims that could do significant damage to your everyday operations.

Types of Liability Insurance

Several types of claims are handled using different products.

  • General liability insurance in Florida can protect you from claims and lawsuits filed by litigious customers with real or imagined complaints. It can also cover everyday occurrences of theft or property damage.
  • Excess liability insurance is used in extreme scenarios, such as natural disasters or simultaneous workplace injuries.
  • Legal liability insurance is coverage that’s specifically available for law firms or lawyers who are the subject of lawsuits. Plans can be customized to meet the needs of your firm and its inherent risks.

What It Covers

Liability insurance in Florida might include coverage of defense costs and legal damages in the case that a lawsuit is filed. To receive answers to your questions about how liability insurance can protect your business, make an appointment to discuss your options with an insurance representative.

After your meeting, you should feel comfortable touching bases with your representative for help with any additional questions so you fully understand your policies. Changes can be made after you choose an insurance plan. By purchasing liability coverage, you will protect both your personal assets and the future of your business.