Understanding Your Role in an HOA

In an ideal world, moving into a house that is part of a homeowner’s association would simply mean that there are no rusting cars parked on the lawn and the private road is plowed in the winter. However, that is not always the case and it is important to know the homeowners’ rights versus the HOA.

Following the Rules

According to Kevin Davis Insurance, it is important to carefully study your contract to ensure that your HOA is only issuing fines that have been properly enacted. All rules must be given enough notice, and the descriptions of this process should be in the HOA contract.

Knowing your Duties

While the homeowner has rights against the HOA, the homeowner also has responsibilities and you must pay the regular fees and assessments outlined in the contract. However, you also have the right to contest any charges not specifically mentioned.

Attending Meetings

While the Board has regular meetings, the homeowner also has a right to attend these meetings to understand the decisions and challenges. You have the right to read the meeting’s minutes and to use prior decisions to document unfair treatment.
Being a homeowner in an HOA can be a gift or a challenge and it is important to keep on top of your rights.