What Does a Marine Surveyor Do?

The shipping sector is an industrious field. If you work within this industry, it can be important to understand the roles that other professionals play. A marine surveyor, for example, is a prestigious position. The role of the surveyor is to verify that all ships and vessels are meeting appropriate standards. Surveyors may often be hired by an insurance agency in order to assess a vessel and verify claims being made by the owner. Understanding what part a surveyor plays in your company’s success can help you stay prepared for a surprise audit or inspection.

The Role of the Surveyor

A number of international organizations will use a marine surveyor when the time for legal arbitration arrives. It can often be difficult to find an impartial individual to assess a vessel, but the surveyor fills this role. The technical expertise that a surveyor can provide offers great insight on whether or not a claimant is telling the truth and whether an insurance agency should pay for any damages a ship has taken on. Basic roles of the surveyor include:

  • Assessing the seaworthiness of a vessel before launch
  • Providing insight on legal claims to insurance firms
  • Continuous verification that ships are meeting standards of governing bodies

Stay Prepared for the Future

Understanding the roles that certain professionals play in your industry can benefit you greatly down the line. Learn more about what a surveyor does and stay prepared for how to best handle a claim.