What Does Commercial General Liability Insurance Usually Cover?

CGL is a form of commercial liability insurance that is aimed to help businesses cover a range f commonplace issues. While this type of package is key to the survival of a company in the modern business landscape, business owners should take time to understand exactly what is covered under a general policy. By knowing what the policy covers, you will have a better idea of whether or not you need additional protection.

What Is and Is Not Covered?

One of the first points to understand about your general liability policy is that it protects you in the event that someone unrelated to your business becomes injured while on the premises. This is a huge help, as you never know when someone will try to take legal action for his or her own negligence. Additionally, a general policy will cover some of the common costs associated with damage done to the property. However, there are some areas that will not be covered with a general plan. These areas include:

Take Out the Most Sensible Policies

By taking out additional policies, you can make sure that your company is always protected against the common threats of your industry. Review the options available to you and see how you can get started with a comprehensive plan.