What Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance Is Used For

Hired non owned auto insurance is insurance coverage for employee vehicles that are not owned by the company when they are being driven on business for the company. While this does not include things like a daily driving commute to and from work, it does include official business errands whether they are done during work hours or outside of them. If your business ever does any of the following, you should consider a policy in hired non owned auto insurance.


Deliveries or House Calls


Some restaurants that offer delivery and tech support companies that offer on-site service require their employees to use their own cars at work. This is the most common usage of non owned auto insurance but far from the only one.


Business Errands


If your employees occasionally use their own cars to pick up office supplies, get catering for a business meeting, or run other small errands in an official capacity, you may also want to strongly consider non owned auto insurance. Transporting clients to and from the airport or on city tours in personal vehicle is also included in this category. Even if these errands are rare, they are still conducted as part of the employee’s job duties.


If this sounds like your business, contact an insurance agent to find out more about hired non owned auto insurance today.