What Insurance Programs are Available to Healthcare Facilities?

Healthcare facilities provide a critical service to communities. However, because of the delicate nature of the services these facilities provide, the professionals that operate them may find themselves and their facility facing potentially serious liability issues. Healthcare facilities insurance programs can provide coverage and peace of mind. It is important to understand what sort of situations put you and your facility at risk and what kind of coverage is available and to whom.

What is Covered by These Programs?

There are many potential risks faced by a modern health care facility. Understanding what these are and what kind of coverage is available can you select the best program for your facility. Some common types of coverage include:

  • data breaches
  • allegations of patient mistreatment
  • general business interruption
  • trips and falls at the facility and misconduct
  • claims of employee discrimination or harassment

Does my Facility Need Insurance?

If your facility doesn’t already have coverage, you could be wondering if it is necessary. If you’re facility provides a healthcare service, the answer is likely yes. The following is a list of healthcare facilities that qualify for insurance programs:

  • home healthcare providers
  • clinics
  • skilled nursing homes
  • assisted living facilities
  • hospice
  • adult day care
  • medical imaging
  • staffing agencies
  • allied health

Like the facilities they protect, healthcare facilities insurance programs can provide an extremely valuable service. It is important to have strong liability coverage so the healthcare professionals in your facility can feel the safety and confidence they need to provide the best care possible.