What is Transportation Insurance

If you’re looking to purchase a transportation insurance policy for Texas you may be wondering what exactly will be covered by your policy. At its core a transportation insurance policy covers the property of the insured party during transit. This is true no matter how far apart the start and finish points of the trip are.

There are several types of transportation insurance to choose from. The type that may work best for your needs may depend on the distance, cargo and mode of transportation. Marine insurance is for cargo transportation over a body of water, while land insurance covers cargo transfer across various types of terrain. The insurance usually covers the transport vehicle as well, including trucks, utility vehicles and boats. Some insurance policies cover the cargo regardless of the destination type and transport method, while others are only for a certain distance or location. If you are responsible for the transport vehicle, you may also want to consider liability coverage in the event of an unforeseen incident.

When choosing your transportation insurance policy for Texas you’ll want to think about how far your cargo is going and how you intend to ship it there. Share this information with your insurance provider and they may be able to make a recommendation based on your needs.