What Is Trucking Insurance?

As an insurance agent, you are probably very aware that there are many different types of insurance that companies need. You may not know, however, some of the things which set wholesale trucking insurance apart from different types. Not only does this insurance cover bigger vehicles, it covers bigger accidents and is probably required by law for many of your clients.

Bigger Accidents

Because semi-trucks and cargo trucks are bigger than the average vehicle, the accidents involving them are bigger too. This means that there is usually more costly damage and worse injuries from truck accidents compared to small vehicle accidents. Paying for all this damage without insurance can bankrupt most trucking companies.

Required by Law

In most states, liability insurance is required for both drivers and businesses. When it comes to trucking companies, both conditions apply, and the damages can be much bigger. This means that having the right insurance not only protects your clients bottom-line, it protects them from any legal action stemming from improper insurance.

Wholesale trucking insurance can help your clients cover the bigger accidents associated with vehicles as large as semi-trucks and may even be required by law for your clients to carry. Finding the right wholesale packages can mean the difference between giving your clients the right coverage and risking their bottom-line with gaps.