What Kind of Coverage Does Your Marina Need?

When you run a marina, one important way to reduce your budget is to perform risk control and purchase liability insurance for issues that may occur at your marina. There are many kinds of marina liability coverage to choose from depending on the services you offer. Here is a look.

Terminal Liability

When watercraft or cargo come to your marina to unload something, this is covered with terminal liability. Some situations this applies to include:

  • Docking
  • Loading
  • Unloading

Stevedore’s Liability

If you or your marina employees are involved in the loading and unloading of cargo, then you need Stevedore’s legal liability. This covers you in case of damage to a boat or its cargo.

Repairer’s Liability

Watercraft at your marina for repairs or alterations falls under repairer’s liability. If the repair or alteration has issues or if an accident with another boat happens, you’ll be covered.

Operator’s Liability

Any watercraft at your marina that isn’t owned by you or the marina can be covered by operator’s liability insurance, if something goes wrong. This applies to watercraft at your marina for any of the following reasons:

  • Fueling
  • Launching
  • Hauling
  • Mooring
  • Storage

Protect your marina by looking into marina liability coverage. Some coverages may not apply to the activities at your location, so do your research and choose the right coverage for your marina.