What Professional Employer Organizations Must Consider With Insurance

Running a business tends to be difficult in and of itself. When you’re responsible for a company that operates within a unique field, however, matters can become even more complicated. For staffing agencies and professional employer organizations, the risks involved in daily operations are a bit more severe and have very distinct parameters. To cover yourself fully, you need to think about your insurance options.

The Main Differences in Requirements

The specifics of PEO insurance are a bit different than standard coverage for a traditional business. For example, staffing firms employ both full-time internal members of the team alongside contractors who are placed with clients. Under a traditional workers’ compensation plan, only your internal team members are covered. This means that any incident which occurs with your contractors while on the job can cause you major financial complications. Of course, there are many other areas you need to think about with your PEO. When picking out coverage options, be sure to think about factors like:

  • Liability coverage for officers
  • Policy options in the event of errors
  • Coverage for commercial automobiles

Take Time To Decide

By thinking over all of your options when selecting insurance, you will have a much easier time feeling confident in your final decision. Review your choices and see which fit is best to help you keep all of your employees safe and your assets fully protected.