What to Know About Workers Comp Insurance

When you are an employer, it is required by federal law that you be able to provide proper workers compensation insurance for your staff in case of injury caused while on the job. There are many areas of this that employers can get confused about, but the basics are somewhat straightforward.

What Will Be Covered?

It is important to know what you can expect to be covered by your insurance plan. Workers compensation insurance covers most injuries that occur while on the job. These injuries can range from immediate injuries such as falling down stairs or an injury that develops over time due to constant stress in the workplace. Employees that travel for work are also covered by your insurance plan, as long as they are engaged in work-related activities when the injury occurs.

What Won’t Be Covered?

Though the right insurance plan will cover all injuries on the job, there are several exceptions to this. When your employee is behaving in a destructive manner, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or has self-inflicted an injury, then workers compensation insurance will not cover the damages that have incurred.

The Bottom Line

As long as an employee is injured while on the job without acting in an irresponsible way, your workers compensation insurance will be able to help you cover the expenses so that your business does not have to do it alone.