What You’ll Need Before Applying for Life Insurance

Applying for life insurance is a relatively straightforward process if you would know what to expect. Unfortunately, many people go into the process unprepared. Before you start filling out applications, have these things in order to make it go more smoothly. 

Your Health History

When you decide to take out a policy, you will need some background information about your health and that of some of your immediate family members. 

  • Any health conditions you currently have or have been treated for in the past
  • Medications you currently take
  • The names and addresses of your medical providers
  • Family history of chronic health conditions (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc.)

Hobbies and Habits

Certain lifestyle choices will affect your insurance policy and premium, so you will need that information upfront. There will be questions about alcohol, tobacco, and drug use on the application. You will also be asked about any high-risk hobbies such as sky diving and rock climbing. It is always better to be honest when filling out an application; lying is fraud and could potentially void your policy if it is discovered. 

Having your information organized will make the application process go more smoothly. It may also be helpful to remember that life insurance requirements can vary between companies, so you have a good chance of finding one that meets your needs.