When Should You Consider Police Liability

Those who serve as officers of the law can sometimes find themselves in difficult positions. While an officer might feel like he or she is taking the right measures in a tense scenario, it might not be viewed that way from the outside or from an actuarial standpoint. If you’re a member of the police, you could find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself in a court of law. Though your station provides you with standard insurance for your position, you might require more coverage than is offered.

Why To Consider This Coverage

Plenty of law enforcement personnel take out additional police liability plans. The main reason for this comes down to finances. In almost all cases, taking an officer to court is going to be expensive. Though very few officers are ever prosecuted, the courthouses go through the motions and take funds from prosecution and defendant alike. This means that your current insurance might fall short when it comes to covering the costs of litigation. Beyond this, the insurance can help you in situations you are accused of committing acts like:

Making the Best Choice

Though you might think you are protected as an officer of the law, this is not always the case, Be sure you are covering all your bases and look into how you can keep yourself in a stable financial position.