Why All Truckers Should Take Tire Maintenance Seriously

There’s nothing glamorous about being a truck driver. From the long hours on the road to the days spent away from friends and family, truck drivers have it tough. It’s no wonder why they might be reluctant to spend time on tire maintenance, something historically under the purview of the trucking company. That said, making commercial truck tires last longer is crucial and something the driver should take seriously.

Tire Failure Means Lost Time

Truck drivers only get paid for the miles they put behind them, meaning that any time spent on maintenance is money lost. However, just a few minutes every morning can make a difference for them overall.

Have you ever seen a truck’s blown-out tire lying on the side of the road? One report claims 80% of big-rig tire failures result directly from underinflated tires. Carrying immense weights as they do, tires shouldn’t be subjected to the extra strain from being underinflated. Underinflation leads to tread wearing away disproportionately and poor mileage. Even those blowouts mentioned earlier result from poor tire maintenance, and each of those means hours lost replacing the tire.

Clearly, a few minutes spent taking care of a truck’s tires every day can be the difference between a full day’s driving and a whole morning on the side of the road.