Why Dental Malpractice Coverage is Necessary to Avoid Problems and Income Loss

It’s not uncommon for doctors to carry malpractice insurance, but do dentists need it, too? Dental malpractice insurance does exist, and it provides important benefits in case an accident happens on the job, a patient chooses to sue over work performed, or there’s another incident. Take a look at how malpractice insurance can save a dental business.

It Can Prevent a Dentist Office From Closing if a Patient Sues

If a patient is not happy with their dental work or the way it was performed, they can sue the dentist or even the practice. Carrying malpractice insurance can prevent the personal loss, save money, and insure that if the patient is awarded any money, the insurance will cover it, rather than the dentist coming up with the full amount.

It Allows the Dentist to Keep Working

Some dentists worry about how they’ll continue to work if there’s a problem related to their performance or otherwise being sued. Having dental malpractice insurance prevents this from becoming an issue since the insurance will handle the financial end if the court rules in favor of the patient. In cases such as these, it’s important to keep working, regardless of what might happen with one case.

Having dental malpractice insurance can keep a dental office in business and prevent problems, such as garnishing income or being forced out of work. The small price of insurance is worth the security and protection that comes with it.